"Everything ties into the accounting system, so there are time savings for things like double entry or keeping track of payments. Plus, we've received an amazing amount of support."

Maria Lowrie
Contract Accounting Manager
RehabOne Medical Group
Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy and Salinas, CA
Medical Practice

How RehabOne reclaimed time and optimized approvals with Corpay One

Meet RehabOne

RehabOne Medical Group is a practice with an interdisciplinary approach to helping patients become fully functional after injury. They provide comprehensive treatment when caring for patients and required a comprehensive approach to spend management to match.

Between operating at four locations, cumbersome approval processes and remote work challenges, RehabOne was faced with updating their complex accounting practices. They needed a solution that was secure, simple and efficient. That solution? Corpay One.

Maria Lowrie, accounting manager and independent contractor for RehabOne, sat down to share how RehabOne transformed their spend management through the power of Corpay One’s automation.

Before Corpay One

Maria had her hands full: she was managing RehabOne’s spending across four locations, overseeing multi-step, multi-stakeholder approvals via 60-page PDFs and manually entering data into multiple systems (often creating duplicate entries for payments) - RehabOne even had an employee dedicated to in-office manual bill pay.

“It was very cumbersome - we were doing cut and paste for approvals, and the system we had through our bank didn’t talk to our accounting software - so there was a duplication of entry for payments that were made,” said Maria. “It worked for a while, but once I realized I needed to create these 50- and 60-page documents, I knew that wasn’t in my wheelhouse.”

Then, on top of everything else, the onset of the pandemic added remote employees into the mix - making RehabOne’s old-school approach to bookkeeping unsustainable.

“Employees weren’t coming into the office. But, the company was still operational and we had bills to pay - and it became a bigger challenge to manage that,” said Maria.

Altogether, their existing system meant requiring someone in the office to process bills, request handwritten approvals, check signatures and manually enter that information into an accounting system.

Maria knew they needed a better way - so she turned to Corpay One.

Discovering Solutions

Maria was searching for one powerful, secure solution that could overhaul her processes - but other platforms didn’t hit the mark, or had negative reviews. While researching their options, Maria’s Chief Business Officer suggested they look into Corpay One. Although she initially hesitated to use an online spend management solution, Maria dove into research.

“I hadn’t worked with anything like [Corpay One] before,” Maria told us. “I have an aversion to having a lot of financial information online. I read about other solutions, but they had some negative reviews about their customer service, so I thought I’d contact you. And, our CEO was impressed with the backing of a Fortune 500 parent company; that gave him confidence that [Corpay One] could be a good match.”

In choosing a platform, Maria was looking for a few things: ACH capabilities were a must, as was syncing data with an accounting system. Plus, they had to be certain that the platform was secure - some of RehabOne’s internal stakeholders were hesitant to explore online or automated technology and the bank RehabOne uses had their own concerns.

“When I spoke to our bank, they were very concerned about me using [outside solutions],” she said.

But, Corpay One’s partnership with Corpay and product capabilities won RehabOne over - especially the ability to sync with QuickBooks (it was “the cherry on top of the sundae,” according to Maria).

After Corpay One

After thorough research (and winning over stakeholders), RehabOne introduced Corpay One to their processes.

Using Corpay One as a layer of automation over QuickBooks Online, RehabOne eliminated the need to manually enter data in multiple platforms. Instead, they upload documents to Corpay One via drag-and-drop, OCR scanning or Send & Scan emails. From there, they’re automatically synced to QuickBooks - solving their duplicate entry problem for payments. RehabOne was also able to automate payments - scheduling ACH and check payments to vendors automatically, from anywhere.

“Corpay One allows us to pay people directly through ACH, or issue checks if ACH isn’t available,” said Maria. “And it ties into our accounting system, so there are time savings on double entry.”

Those 60-page PDFs we mentioned earlier? They’re now a thing of the past. With custom multi-layer approval workflows, RehabOne staff can log in to approve invoices with one click. And according to Maria, our easy-to-learn platform made a big difference in onboarding their staff - even those who were resistant to using new tech.

“One of our doctors didn’t typically like change or technological solutions … he was excited about using Corpay One and said it was so easy. When he was on board, that was the feather in the hat.”

In addition to a platform that performs, Corpay One’s personalized support system has worked closely with RehabOne to ensure they can use the platform in a way that works best for them.

“I’ve received an amazing amount of support to be able to manage little hiccups that come through,” said Maria. “I like the customer support and knowing that if we’ve encountered something, it won't take me hours on the phone to try and get somebody to help me resolve the problem.”

Real Results

With automation, accounting integration and customer support along the way, RehabOne is empowered to handle bookkeeping remotely.

They can utilize Corpay One's flexibility to set up, schedule and approve payments with custom workflows - a huge bonus with their multiple locations and stakeholders. Their staff is no longer tied to an office or desk to process bills (goodbye, manual data entry!). And, remember the employee who was focused almost entirely on bill pay? They were able to dedicate time to more varied tasks (hello, versatility!).

Because sophisticated accounting automation is RehabOne's new standard, Maria spends less time chasing paper - reducing friction and gaining more time to provide advisory services. Now, RehabOne is free to focus on value-add tasks that ultimately contribute to stellar care for their patients.

If your healthcare practice is looking to simplify bill pay, Corpay One is here to help! Our comprehensive spend management platform can help you simplify spending, and get back to what matters: caring for your patients. Book a demo to explore your use case, or try Corpay One today.

About Corpay One

Corpay One is a leading spend management solution for scaling businesses. Get one, complete platform to manage your business bills and a credit card (the Corpay One Mastercard®!) to pay them. You can build custom bookkeeping and approval workflows that work for your team, while streamlining payments to your vendors, managing employee spend with custom controls and leveling up your business with line of credit. This is intelligent spend management designed to help you spend smarter, earn faster and save more. Get started today!

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