"We love the control and flexibility that Workflows afford us."

Martin H.
CFO, Original Coffee
Original Coffee
Copenhagen, Denmark

Original Coffee: Finance automation powering growth

Original Coffee is built on a foundation of excellent coffee - with excellent service to back it up. 

The Danish-grown chain was founded in 2012 and consists of nine cafes across Copenhagen. Each location has a distinct vibe, drawn from the local environment and history of the site. They emphasize product, service and atmosphere - with a special focus on the flow of each shop. 

Original Coffee joined Corpay One [Formerly Roger] in 2018. For them, Corpay One is a superstructure for handling all of the financial documents that come with running a growing business. 

This fall, the Corpay One team worked closely with Original Coffee to build a custom integration with their ERP - NetSuite. This custom integration was built hand-in-hand with Original Coffee as they require a tool like NetSuite for their operational and accounting needs.

To tell Original Coffee’s finance automation story, Corpay One connected with their Chief Financial Officer, Martin Hjarsbæk. 

Automated B2B payments 

Martin learned about Corpay One from someone in his network. 

“I did some research and found that Corpay One seemed to be a fantastic way to eliminate the manual processes that didn’t serve an efficient purpose. This way, I could focus on more important aspects of the business, so I set out to implement Corpay One in our finance function,” he says. 

Before using Corpay One, Original Coffee had an employee spending 15 hours a week conducting bill payments. After introducing Corpay One, they reduced those hours by 60%, even though the number of bills they have has increased by 4x. 

Corpay One has helped Original Coffee’s accounts payable staff make a complete shift from manual entry to controlling. 

According to Martin, money they would typically have spent on hiring an additional employee to manage expenses and make payments is now invested back into existing employees and Original Coffee’s growth. 

Workflows at the heart of operational excellence

Original Coffee is on an ambitious growth trajectory. 

In order to scale, they rely on automation to take the operational inefficiency out of running a business. For example, Martin and his team noticed suppliers were sending invoices to them twice - and they were making duplicate payments without noticing. 

With Corpay One, they’ve been able to achieve a level of control and accuracy that wouldn’t be possible without finance automation. They are able to manage data in a more scalable, productive way. 

Corpay One's Workflows function is central to how Original Coffee works. 

They use workflows that automatically appoint the corresponding Original Coffee employee as an approver on bills from vendors the employee works closest with. 

“We love the control and flexibility that Workflows afford us. We can let things flow through in an automated way, or step in to make a change to accommodate our needs, like to postpone a bill payment a few days,” Martin says. 

On top of that, a busy team like the one behind Original Coffee needs the peace of mind a ready support system brings. 

They place value in the support the Corpay One team has been able to offer them, both day-to-day and in configuring a larger project like their NetSuite integration. 

About Corpay One

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