"Everything is in one place. When I have a question, I just go to Corpay One."

Kathy Low, Contract Accountant, HatchWorks Technologies
HatchWorks Technologies
Atlanta, GA
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How HatchWorks uses Corpay One to simplify payments and secure peace of mind

HatchWorks Technologies is a software solution company based in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices across the United States and South America. They use a flexible, collaborative approach to help their clients develop and implement software and cloud adoption.

HatchWorks offers flexibility to their clients, and they needed bill pay that could match their flexibility and keep their business up to speed. But, their manual payment process just wasn’t cutting it.

Enter: Corpay One. We helped HatchWorks automate sending their payments and integrate with QuickBooks Online, giving them greater bandwidth to analyze their finances and serve their clients.

We spoke with Kathy Low, a contract accountant for HatchWorks, to break down their payable process, and hear first-hand how Corpay One has made a difference in their business.

Before Corpay One

Previously, Kathy processed each payment for HatchWorks manually.

That meant each payment required writing a check or entering data by hand into their bank’s interface, producing a separate file to transmit to the bank, waiting for the bank to call and confirm each individual transaction, and then manually entering information into QuickBooks Online.

Kathy identified a need for a more efficient process. So, she sat down with Corpay One to discuss ways we could improve HatchWorks’ process. When Kathy learned about our automatic integration with QuickBooks Online, she was interested but hesitant — could the product really deliver? The short answer: yes!

“I was kind of skeptical at first, but after the first couple of transactions, I was sold,” she said. “Not having to worry about payments going through, or if I’d missed something, made everything so much easier.”

Set it and forget it

Now, HatchWorks can drag and drop files into Corpay One (goodbye, manual data entry!) and schedule payments ahead of time. The process is further streamlined with automatic, two-way sync with QuickBooks Online.

To sum it up: all of HatchWorks’ spend management information is available in one place, and automatically updated across platforms - making bill pay easier across the board.

“With Corpay One, it’s great. I can drag invoices in, set up the payment and forget about it—it even gets posted to QuickBooks Online,” Kathy said. “I don’t have to keep a spreadsheet to make sure that every payment that came in was done. I’m no longer waking up at two in the morning saying ‘Oh my god, did I remember to pay that?’”

Customizations and flexibility

HatchWorks also utilizes Corpay One’s flexibility—payments can be set up, scheduled and approved with custom workflows. Plus, users have the option to attach invoices or other original documents for later review if needed.

For Kathy, this put an end to lengthy processes of trying to track down documentation.

“I can go into any vendor and see what documents are attached to it, or if I have a question about one payment, I can simply look and see everything in one place,” she said.

Real support, from real people

Corpay One doesn’t just check out after you create an account. A member of our support team is always ready to answer questions, and ensure you’re getting the best possible experience. It’s one of the ways we aim to build partnerships with our customers.

Knowing someone is there, just in case, has given Kathy additional peace of mind.

“Every time I’ve had an issue, Megan has answered all of my questions. Once, I accidentally paid a $150,000 bill 45 days before it was due. Within 15 minutes, Corpay One got back to me and was able to issue a stop. I can’t say enough great things about support,” she said.

Benefits of using Corpay One

HatchWorks has seen a big reduction in time spent on day-to-day bill pay tasks. Where Kathy would have spent an hour and a half on bills, she’s now spending five minutes or less, leaving more time for her high-level accounting work.

“Now I can do more financial analysis, and I don’t have to worry about something as routine as paying bills; it’s all taken care of,” she said.

With easy automation, two-way sync and confident customer support, Corpay One can help simplify bill pay, and get you back to what you do best: running your business. Learn more or schedule a demo with us today!

About Corpay One

Corpay One is a leading spend management solution for scaling businesses. Picture your bank’s bill pay - only smarter, with one platform to manage your business bills and a credit card (the Corpay One Mastercard®!) to pay them. You can build custom bookkeeping and approval workflows that work for your team, while streamlining payments to your vendors, managing employee spend with custom controls and leveling up your business with line of credit. This is intelligent spend management designed to help you spend smarter, earn faster and save more. Get started today!

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