"It’s just been really nice using Corpay One and it’s been easy to train our team and get them on board."

Jen Prakash
Controller, Pegasus
Pegasus Legal Services for Children
Albuquerque, New Mexico

What the Pegasus team loves about Corpay One

When Jen first started with the organization, she said they were like a “typical nonprofit.” In her words, that means low-tech and reliant on paper and analog processes. In her own words (Jen didn’t sugarcoat it), “everyone hated it.”

They started their digital transformation and moved all of their systems over to online and mobile platforms.

For their team, the real benefit of using Corpay One comes from modernizing day-to-day processes like paying bills and getting approvals, while ensuring their accounting data in QuickBooks is rock solid.

“Our auditors are going to love it. They’re going to be super excited to do the audit this year,” Jen said.

For nonprofits, transparent accounting and expense tracking is essential. That’s another reason Pegasus sought a solution like Corpay One.

What a pre-Corpay One finance process looked like for Pegasus

Before Pegasus started using Corpay One, they were cutting checks - paper checks. From there, they started moving all of their payments over to credit card and paying bills by ACH in Corpay One. Now, Jen estimates they only need to send a few checks a month.

That’s one of the benefits of using Corpay One! You can automatically issue checks to vendors who request them, without having to physically write and mail a check from your company checkbook.

On top of manually making payments, the accounting assistant on the Pegasus team used to manually enter all of their expenses into QuickBooks. From there, bills and receipts were printed off and handed over to their Director to approve the expenses.

Workflows that work

That process Jen outlined above? At Corpay One, our customers often have similar expense approval stories to tell. Their processes are slow and cumbersome, but they don’t know how to fix it - that’s where we come in!

With Corpay One, approvals are automatic and printer-free! Now, Pegasus runs their expense approval process through Corpay One’s Workflows feature, meaning the Director gets a notification to approve expenses in her email or can approve them from her mobile app on-the-go!

Pegasus even builds additional logic into their approval process using Workflows. They require expenses over $2,000 to get an additional approval. We automate this process for them - sending the approval notification to the second approver, so the bill can be paid efficiently and on time.

About Corpay One

Corpay One is a leading spend management solution for scaling businesses. Get one, complete platform to manage your business bills and a credit card (the Corpay One Mastercard®!) to pay them. You can build custom bookkeeping and approval workflows that work for your team, while streamlining payments to your vendors, managing employee spend with custom controls and leveling up your business with line of credit. This is intelligent spend management designed to help you spend smarter, earn faster and save more. Get started today!

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