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February 2, 2022

Year in Review: Recapping Corpay One in 2021

LeAnne Taylor

Note: We are always focusing on making our integrations more seamless. Information about our latest integrations can be found within our product (March 2023) or on our integrations page.

While the launch of the Corpay Mastercard® is a pretty big deal for us this year (we hope it is for you, too!) - we’re not stopping there. There’s a lot in store for Corpay One in 2022.

Before we take a peek at the future, we’d like to take a look back on how far we’ve come. Here are all of the new things our team launched in 2021 and how we plan on bringing you even smarter bill pay in the coming months. 👇

QuickBooks Desktop Integration (USA)

Last year, we added QuickBooks Desktop (2021) to the list of accounting systems Corpay One integrates with.

Account Setup Guide (USA)

If you are a new user or signed up for Corpay One after May 2021, then you have likely seen our Account Setup Guide! This step-by-step guide helps Admins and Owners jump-start the onboarding process, making it even easier to bring better bill pay to their team.

Notifications Center (Global)

We know how important the Corpay One Inbox is to our users. That’s why we created one place for all notifications: the notification center. There, at the top of Corpay One, you’ll see notifications and alerts grouped by type. This predefined filter helps streamline your inbox and make sure you never miss an important update.

Design Updates (Global)

Along with the notifications center, we also made multiple updates to the design of Corpay One. Bringing our customers truly better bill pay is important to us - that’s why continue to review customer feedback and make improvements to our platform. Now, Corpay One has a more modern look and is even more user friendly. Some of the updates included an expanded view of your bills, visbility of the chain of approvers for a bill, moving the preview of your bill to the top your screen and so much more!

Pay by Card (USA)

As a small business owner, you should be able to grow your business the way you want, with the money you need. And limited cash on hand shouldn't stunt that growth. That’s why we introduced a new, cash-flow-friendly way to pay your bills. Now, you can pay any vendor requesting Check or ACH with your credit card (2.9% transaction fee applies) as the payment source. That's like paying by credit card - even your vendor doesn't accept them!

Onboarding & Support (Global)

In 2021, we onboarded thousands of new businesses and more than doubled our customer base! And as our customer base grew, we did too. The Corpay One family grew to over 100 people, which allowed us to offer even more support and even better bill pay to our customers.

2022: What’s Coming in Corpay One

We're firmly in 2022 and we've hit the ground running. We’re already working towards yet another year of customer-driven innovation!

Here's what we’ve got in the books so far:

Corpay Mastercard®: We just introduced our new smart credit card and we’re already working on making it even better. This year, we hope to bring you even more controls for your team, detailed reporting, workflows - and so much more.

Bill Pay: We know how much time our customers spend in our Bill Pay tab - especially the Inbox.  That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make automating your vendor payments the most efficient and streamlined experience as possible.

Foreign Exchange (FX): Yes, that’s right! This year, we plan to expand our cross-border payments and offer our customers the ability to send foreign payments in local currencies. That means you’ll be able to pay your international vendors in the currency their bank prefers. Stay tuned for updates!

Mobile App: You asked, we listened! We're making our mobile app (for iOS and Android) more user-friendly and making it even easier to pay a bill, submit an approval or scan a receipt - from anywhere, right on your phone.

Integrations: Connecting your accounting system to Corpay One takes your bookkeeping to the next level. This year, we’re focusing on making our integrations even more seamless. Our latest release of two-way sync for QuickBooks Online is a great example of the improvements to come!

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