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Product News
February 16, 2022

Two-way Sync between Corpay One and QuickBooks Online

LeAnne Taylor

Note: We are always focused on making our integrations more seamless. Information about our latest integrations can be found within our product (March 2023) or on our integrations page.

There’s nothing more inefficient than switching between multiple apps, spreadsheets or tabs to complete one. single. task. Especially when it’s something as simple as marking a bill as paid.

Two-way sync between Corpay One and QuickBooks Online is here - and that means you no longer have to update your bookkeeping data in two places. 🙌

How does two-way sync between QuickBooks Online and Corpay One work?

Corpay One works on top of QuickBooks Online, powering it up with real-time, two-way sync to record every payment and simplify your bill pay. That means you can get cleaner books instantly - no manual data entry required!

For example, when you enter bills directly into your QuickBooks account, the integration automatically pulls them into Corpay One. Then, when the bills are paid via Corpay One, the integration automatically creates a vendor payment entry in your QuickBooks account under that vendor.

Now, any changes you make to transactions (plus document details!) in QuickBooks Online will automatically update in Corpay One - and vice versa. 👇

How can I turn on two-way sync between QuickBooks Online and Corpay One?

If you’ve already connected QuickBooks Online to Corpay One, enabling two-way sync is easy. Click on your Settings in Corpay One - Integrations - QuickBooks Online - Configure, click the toggle next to Enable 2-way sync (below Step 5!) and click Finish. It’s that simple!

From there, you can continue business as usual - but now you don’t have to worry about updating your data in both platforms.

And if you have any questions, we’re here to help! Check out this help center article to learn more about our integration with QuickBooks Online. Or, just book a demo with us and we can show you the ropes.

Corpay One Integrations

Corpay One also works with Xero to give you more options to simplify your bill pay, workflow approvals and expense coding.

Corpay One also pairs with platforms like Slack and many others via Zapier. Integrate Corpay One with your favorite platform and start leveling up your bill pay today! 🙌

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