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About Corpay One
March 1, 2021

Roger is changing its name to Corpay One

Cathrine Andersen

Our origin story isn't exactly unique. Two founders see a problem. They find a way to solve it.

But, it is a fitting beginning for the journey we've chosen to take Roger on. Earlier this year, we announced Roger had been acquired by Corpay (formerly FLEETCOR), a leading global business payments company.

Today, we're sharing more exciting news. Roger is officially becoming Corpay One.

Why Corpay One? That's where our origin story comes in.

We were running a business. We faced the problems small business owners face. We got frustrated. We got creative. We founded Roger and, ever since, we've been solving problems for small businesses and their teams.

Now as a part of a bigger team, the same great product our customers have come to love is able become so much more.  Corpay is already providing payment products to over 800,000 small businesses and will now power Corpay One.

Corpay One will remain the same great bill pay solution but over time it will add credit card offerings, cross-border supplier payments, and the virtual card engine of our parent company.

We will also be able to tap into the resources of a big company to serve more of you.

Payments are what we do best. Your back office is at the core of your business. And this is your ONE solution to make manual finance work (and the stress that comes with it) a thing of the past.

As Corpay One, alongside our new colleagues at Corpay, we're equipped to bring better business bill pay, effortless bookkeeping and more to small businesses across the United States and our extended global network.

As we make the transition, we'll be updating our platform and all of the resources you turn to. We can't wait to continue serving your businesses as Corpay One.

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