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January 25, 2023

Send Faster ACH and Check Payments

Corpay One

We rang in the new year with some exciting news: ACH and Check payments are faster! You can use Corpay One to send ACH payments by the next business day and Check payments in as few as 7 business days.

Faster ACH and Checks

Your business is busy - you don’t always have time to plan, schedule and send payments days ahead of time. Now, you need even less lead time to send ACH or Check payments.

ACH payments can now process and deliver by the next business day, while Checks process and deliver in as few as 7 business days. Which means you have options to pay vendors quickly the next time you find yourself in a time crunch.

Speed and Flexibility

Ever wished you could make ACH or Check payments with a credit card? With Corpay One, you can! Use our flexible payment options to pay any vendor requesting ACH or Check payments with your credit card as the funding source - even if they don't accept them!* That allows you to leverage your credit, and put cash towards initiatives that move the needle, instead of spending it on payments to your vendors.

Next-Day Payment Options

If you need an even faster turnaround time, you can opt to pay vendors with Virtual Credit Cards in Corpay One. Virtual Card as a payment method in Corpay One is almost instantaneous - so you can send same-day or next-day payments at no cost to you, to any vendor that can process credit cards.

A Better Way to Pay

Corpay One has a way to pay for every business, so you can pay vendors as quickly as you need to - whether that’s tomorrow or next week. The end result? Easier bill pay, planning and spend management to help extend your cash flow and simplify your processes.

Plus, we have even more updates planned for 2023 - stay tuned for more improvements to our ACH payments coming soon!

All this and more…

…in one, intelligent platform. Automate vendor payments, manage your credit card, streamline approvals, expedite expense reports and oversee company spend - all in Corpay One.

New to Corpay One? We’d love to show you how better bill pay can help power up your business. Reach out to get started.

*2.9% transaction fee applies when funding Check and ACH payments with a Visa®, Discover® or Mastercard® credit card, including the Corpay One Fuel Mastercard® and Business Mastercard® products.

Corpay One Fuel Mastercard® and Business Mastercard® are issued by Fifth Third Bank or another financial institution, pursuant to a license by Mastercard®  International Incorporated.

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