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Product News
April 27, 2022

April Product Updates: Corpay One's Bill Pay Dashboard Gets an Update

Corpay One

This month, our team has been working on some updates that are really going to change the way you see Corpay One.

You may notice when you log into your account that something feels different - that’s because we’ve updated Corpay One’s color palette! Our designers and developers have aligned to make Corpay One a good experience - from functionality to the feel of the product, using Corpay One is a pleasant experience.

Interested in what else has changed? Keep reading to explore one of our biggest product facelifts yet.

Expense List Updates

NEW! Document Search Functionality - Easily Find Any Bill

The expense list has been updated and now has a new search feature that allows users to search EVERY document. Whether your bill is pending, scheduled, paid (or some other status!), you can filter your search by document type, category, due date and more! Finding bills is easier than ever with this new update.

Expense List Gets a Facelift

The expense list view has been updated with an expandable section that can be navigated horizontally! Users can choose the number of documents to view on each page (10, 20, 30, 40, or more!), making navigation within the expense list a breeze.

Updated Bill Details

NEW! Manage Payment Sources Within Bill Details

Our bill details interface has been updated with new functionality! Add and manage your payment source or method directly within the bill page itself. A simple bill pay experience, all in one place.

NEW! Edit Vendors Directly on the Bill Page

Now, users can edit vendor details directly within the bill page by clicking the vendor name on a bill. Update payment methods, vendor information and more, all without leaving the bill page!

Emails Have Moved

Where have my Send & Scan emails gone?

The Emails tab now has its own, separate page! It has been moved from within the Inbox tab, to a stand-alone page located in the side navigation.

Don’t worry - the functionality of emails remains the same.

Ready to reap the benefits of these new product updates? Log into your Corpay One account today to get started!

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