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Product News
June 17, 2020

How-To: Ensure Expenses are Approved During the Summer Holiday Season

Hilary Smith

Giving your team the work-life balance they need means sometimes, team members will be away for vacation, parental leave or taking recovery time for injuries or illness. Still, regular processes need to run smoothly in their absence.

In March, 2021, Roger officially became Corpay One. To learn more and understand the change, read this blog post.

Roger's new Away Mode function makes it easier for team members to stay aligned, even if they're out of office.

That's why we're introducing an Away Mode function to Roger.

This has been one of our most-requested product enhancements, from our business customers and accounting partners alike. When expenses can't be approved in a timely manner, vendors don't get paid on time. That's when your business faces the risk of late fees, penalties or damaging vendor relationships.

Now, instead of changing Workflows, or delaying vendor payments, you can toggle a "temporary approver" on for you when you plan to be out of office.

Here's how Away Mode works

To ensure expenses requiring a team member's approval can still be approved and paid in their absence, turn on the Away Mode function.

Any coworker with the role as owner or admin can set the Away status for another coworker and also for himself/herself.

Any given user can set the status for himself/herself no matter the role. The temporary approver they appoint will get a notification, letting them know they have the role for the time being.

You can toggle yourself to Away Mode before your departure. And, when you return, toggle Away Mode off.

Here are some important things to note:

  • User can only select one temporary approver to replace the original approver for the duration of their leave.
  • The user is able to select different coworkers for different Workflow rules
  • If the Workflow rule seeks approval from a department in which an approver is away for, the temporary assigned approver will also approve expenses in that case.
  • Documents that are approved by a temporary approver will have that individual's name on them as the approver.
  • All actively pending documents that the temporary approver has not yet approved will automatically be reassigned to the original approver upon their return.

Adding a layer of compliance

At Roger, we've heard horror stories of users sharing their passwords to ensure expenses are approved while they are out of office. This is a definite security risk.

With a temporary approver in place and Away Mode toggled on, that's not necessary. Expenses are still approved and you can maintain internal compliance standards you've set for your team.

Back to work?

When you, or your team member, return from leave or vacation, the setting can be toggled off and approvers go back to approving designated expenses typically assigned to them.

And, the next time the same user goes away, the fallback setting will automatically suggests the same settings as before - speeding up the process. If a co-worker is no longer part of the team, the user will be prompted to select a new temporary approver.

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