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June 30, 2020

Automate expense reports and reimbursements

Hilary Smith

One of the most common employee complaints at organizations everywhere - submitting expense reports.

In March, 2021, Roger officially became Corpay One. To learn more and understand the change, read this blog post.

Roger is making it easier to scan receipts, approve expenses and reimburse your team faster.

It's often one of the most outdated processes, and the most frustrating for employees. They spend their own money on behalf of the organization, spend hours creating expense reports and then wait weeks for reimbursement. Roger's payments platform is designed to take outdated finance processes and automate them. With Reimbursements, we're officially an all-in-one solution for automating business payments.

We help you eliminate the processes that slow your growth.

Uncovering the hidden costs of Reimbursements

The leaders of automation-powered businesses understand that time their employees spend on tasks is actually money spent.

Take, for example, a manager who makes $50 an hour. Twice a month, they spend two hours filing expense reports. After one year, the labor cost for one employee is $2,400 on expense reports alone.

That doesn't include the additional overhead of printing and storing paper documents. Even if your team is using an expense reporting and reimbursement tool, you still need to factor in that most of these tools require separate scanning and data entry.

With Roger, it's as easy as taking a photo of a receipt on your phone using the Roger App. You can also drag and drop receipts from your desktop, or even email them directly to an expense report using a unique RogerAddress.

Pay employees back faster

Employee satisfaction and engagement is an essential component of an organization's health and growth power.

When employees are getting reimbursed for expenses, they're actually getting reimbursed for money they are lending to your organization. According to a 2018 report, employees lend their organizations $1.6B a year, which then needs to be paid back.

The same report found that 2 in 5 employees have experienced cash flow issues due to slow expense reimbursement. It often takes weeks, or even a month, for employees to get paid back for expenses.

By deploying automation technology to scan, approve and pay expenses, employees can be paid back in as little as five days.

Eliminate Workflow friction

At Roger, we've heard horror stories of the approval processes team members go through at their organization - before an automation tool is implemented.

For example, printing receipts, writing a cost center on them and leaving them in a pile on a manager's desk to await approval. You send the manager an email. And then, you wait.

And wait.

Only to discover your receipts went to the bottom of a pile of paper. That means additional waiting time.

With Roger, expense approvals are entirely digital and paperless. Approvers are notified in Roger, via email, via mobile and even in Slack when an expense requires their approval. They can review or hit approve, instantly approving the expense for reimbursement.

Ensure expense compliance

Internal compliance relies on expense approvals. It's the system that keeps outrageous, non-work expenses from sliding under a company's radar.

For example, if your organization prohibits the reimbursement of alcoholic beverages during team meals, a stronger reimbursement system will ensure that expenses like this aren't overlooked.

Roger's Workflows will enable you to build a Workflow to detect expenses that may require further review.

Now, Roger is a holistic, all-in-one automation solution for business payables. In one platform, we empower organizations to automate team reimbursements and vendor payments.

If you haven't joined Roger yet, explore the platform today.

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