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Product News
April 30, 2020

April Product Updates: What's new in Corpay One [Formerly Roger] this month

Hilary Smith

At Roger, our mission is to make accounting, bookkeeping and accounts payable worry-free for the businesses we work with.

Note: In March, 2021, Roger officially changed its name to Corpay One. Our features and functionality have not changed. To learn more and understand the change, read more.

COVID-19 payment processes, expense overviews and a preview of what you can expect in May

At times like these, you have enough to worry about without pouring your productive time into unproductive work, like manual accounting and finance tasks. That's why we've been investing more than ever in expanding and enhancing Roger to meet your needs.

Here are some of the new features and functions you will find in the platform.

See your expense total

This enhancement is small, yet mighty. Now, when you are in any given view in Roger's Expenses panel, you're able to see the sum total of expenses. This gives you a quick look at the total your expenses in a given view amount to, giving you a better overview of your business costs.

Here's what you'll see in Roger:

Pause payments - suggested Workflow process

To help your organization navigate the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, we've been developing suggested Workflows to handle payments in times when cash flow is difficult.

Roger has always been designed to make payments worry-free. That means we pay your vendors automatically on the due date added to their bill or invoice. But, if they haven't been performing a service due to COVID-19 or you're unable to prioritize that payment due to liquidity issues during the crisis, we've outlined a process to help pause payments so you can assess your expenses before they are paid automatically.

This is the process you can follow:

  1. Enable "Live Rules" - you can do this from the Settings > Advanced > Workflow panel in Roger. Live Rules, when activated, will overwrite existing rules and ensure pending payments follow the new Workflow you've enabled.
  1. Go to "Lists" and create a new list. Select the name of your choice, but make sure you can identify it. Add a label called "On Hold."
  2. Go to Workflows and create a new one. Select the "Start from Scratch" option.
  3. Select the Label and List you just created as triggers.
  4. Then, add the "Add a Note" option and add the note: "ON HOLD - PRESS "PAY NOW" WHEN READY TO PAY.
  1. Then, add the "Disable Automatic Payment" step. Name your rule.
  2. Make your Workflow rule mandatory.
  3. The rule is now ready to use!

Now, when you're in the Expenses panel, you can see a new dropdown menu called "Accountant" on each expense. Select the "On Hold" label from the dropdown to activate this newly created Live Rule.

You can approve the invoices as normal, but will see that the automatic payment has stopped and you have the option to decide to "Pay Now" when you're ready.

Coming soon

April was a busy month for getting new and exciting features into Roger, rigorously testing them so they'll be ready for you to use.

Here's a preview of what you can look forward to in May.

Email Digest

It's easy for your Inbox to fill up with expense approvals and payment updates. To reduce the noise, we'll be creating an email digest to consolidate all of your Roger activity in one notification. You can customize how often you get it!

Recurring Bills

Soon, you'll be able to mark a certain bill as recurring. Then, you won't have to enter monthly invoices or find alternative ways to submit bills that are paid on a recurring basis.

Groups (for our Partner users)

For our Partner users, managing accounting staff is crucial to maintaining compliance and keeping their team organized. Roger will be introducing a seamless way to assign clients to staff members.

Temporary Approver

If a team member has been furloughed due to COVID-19, or even if a team member is going to be away for planned leave, expenses they are responsible for approving still need to get paid. This new function in Roger will allow you to assign a temporary approver to ensure expenses can be approved without delay.

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