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Effortless B2B Payments in one simple platform to manage your bill pay, simplify your bookkeeping and more!

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Monthly Fee
Corpay Mastercard®¹

Other card fees may apply. See complete list here.

$0 annual fee
Up to 1.5% rebate²
Unlimited Users
Fully Automated Scanning
Unlimited Receipt Uploads
Manager Approvals
Automated Bookkeeping
Mobile App
Accounting System Sync
Unlimited Workflows
Slack and Zapier Integrations
Live Chat Support


ACH and Check via Bank Account
ACH and Check via Debit Card
Check and ACH via Corpay Mastercard®¹ 

Transaction fee is 2.9%¹ in Corpay One, less the 1.5% rebate² earned on eligible purchases with your Corpay Mastercard®. Other card fees may apply. See complete list here.

1.4% of the transaction
Check and ACH Payment via Credit Card³
Visa®, Discover® and Mastercard® only
2.9% of the transaction
International Wire Payment
Wire Payments can only be funded by Bank Account/Debit Card
Employee Reimbursement
2.9% fee if funding by credit card
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*See terms and conditions for details. US customers only. Other card fees may apply.
See complete list here.

Corpay One is part of FLEETCOR (NYSE: FLT), an S&P 500 company.
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Take my money :)This is how accounting and payments should be done in 2020.One of the best automation services I have seen around invoices and bookkeeping.
Keenan Pinto
Green Rating Stars
To say it has significantly lowered time paying bills would be an understatement. We practically don't spend any time paying bills anymore.
Andrew Lolk
Green Rating Stars
Great app, works well and is easy to use. If you don’t want to waste too much time on paying bills this is by far the easiest and fastest option.
William Schneider

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Frequently Asked

What is Corpay One?

Corpay One is a leading bill pay solution for small businesses. Picture your bank’s bill pay - only smarter. You can build custom bookkeeping and approval workflows that work for your team while streamlining payments to your vendors. This is one effortless platform, designed to save you time, money and help you focus on what counts.

How does Corpay One make money?

Corpay One is a part of FLEETCOR, an S&P 500 company (NYSE: FLT) and global leader in B2B payments. We earn a small percentage on your Virtual Card payments. Plus, we charge a 2.9% transaction fee when you opt to fund Check and ACH payments by credit card, offer our own Corpay Mastercard®¹ and charge $9.50 fee for Wire* payments. These are revenue-generating for Corpay One, while still bringing you an essential business platform at low cost.
*The receiving bank may charge an additional fee for wire payments for which Corpay One is not responsible. For more information on all of our fees, click here.

Is the Corpay One network secure?

Yes! All passwords and other sensitive data are encrypted to the highest standards - AES256. Corpay One ensures that both management of decryption keys and that all communication is secured and follows current best practice and requirements. Your connection to our website is also protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

How does Corpay One work?

Corpay One is a bill pay service provider. That means we enable you to pay your bills (by the Corpay Mastercard®¹, your own credit card⁴ or your bank account!) through our payments platform. Our AI enables you to scan and automatically load invoices to our system, where they can be approved and paid. Vendors can be paid via Check, ACH, Wire and Virtual Card. And we're encrypted to the highest standards - so you never have to worry if your account is safe. The best part? No monthly fees.
*2.9% transaction fee applies. Visa®, Discover® and Mastercard® only.

I’m an accountant, can I use Corpay One?

Corpay One’s Advisors platform for accountants and bookkeepers helps automate client accounting services. We have a dedicated Advisor dashboard with features specific to your business and client needs. For more information, book a demo or contact us at

What if I need to cancel?

Corpay One is a subscription-free platform. That means you will not be charged for keeping your account active. You can delete your account at any time inside of your Account Settings. Or, connect with for help.

How do I earn rebates with the Corpay Mastercard®?

Earn a 1.5% rebate on card transactions when you pay an eligible business bill in Corpay One and a 1% rebate on card transactions when you don’t! ² It’s that easy.

What’s the benefit of using Corpay One with the Corpay Mastercard®?

The Corpay Mastercard® seamlessly integrates with Corpay One. That means you can pay your Corpay Mastercard® bill, order new cards, review spend activity and more - all while streamlining payments to your vendors, building custom approval workflows for your team and simplifying your bookkeeping. Everything you need - all in Corpay One! The best part? No monthly fees.

How does Corpay One make money from the Corpay Mastercard®? Are there fees?

There is no annual fee to use the Corpay Mastercard®! We earn a small percentage from the merchant on any purchase made with the card. We also charge a 2.9% transaction fee when you opt to use it to pay an eligible business bill through Corpay One.

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