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October 28, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Eric Harris-Poindexter

Jessica Brooks

Meet Eric

Eric Harris-Poindexter is an Advisor Manager at Corpay One. Eric works closely with our advisor and accounting customers, ensuring they get the best possible experience in Corpay One—for both their firms and their clients. Born and raised in New Jersey, Eric moved to Washington, D.C. where he attended Howard University. There, he earned a degree in Sports Management, and gained experience playing on the school’s football team.

Now, Eric’s tackling spend management and helping customers create stellar game plans for their businesses and clients. Read on to learn more about Eric and his approach to our work!

Tell us about your role, and how you found your way to Corpay One.

After graduation, I got a finance job, working on business loans and things like that. I stayed there for almost three years, before I then found a role with a SaaS company, which introduced me to the world of accounting SaaS. Later, I was catching up with an old customer on LinkedIn, and she mentioned a friend had begun working at Corpay One. From there I applied, interviewed, and was one of the first people hired on our accountant team a year and a half ago.

What do you like about working at Corpay One?

I like the opportunity for growth. Both within Corpay One, and because we have the backing of Fleetcor as our parent company. There are different pathways to take, and that’s motivating, because it doesn’t feel like there’s a ceiling that limits you. And, I appreciate the people I work with. Our team works hard and gets along, and there’s a feeling that you’re being heard by leadership if you need to share issues or feedback. You’re really a member of the team at Corpay One.

What does being customer-centric mean to you?

Essentially, putting the customer as the focal point of all decisions being made from top to bottom. The first question we ask is “Does this work for the customer? Will it benefit them?”

Every decision that’s made for each product, selling consultation and style is all focused on the customer and satisfying their needs first.

What are some ways that Corpay One can help advisors scale their own and their clients' businesses?

One of the underlying benefits of using a system like Corpay One is that it empowers accountants to offer real-time bookkeeping, instead of managing it after the fact.

Typically, after the fact bookkeeping might involve a client purchasing something and sending their accountant a receipt. The accountant is keeping a record, but there’s nothing else they can do to provide guidance, because the decision has already been made. With real-time bookkeeping, accountants can provide more value and offer more insights, because the data is right in front of them.

Why do you think accountants turn to platforms like Corpay One? What features are they looking for?

I think for many accountants, finding the right software can be challenging. But, Corpay One is an efficient platform with robust bill pay functionality. Our workflow approval process lets accountants customize and automate things like their approval process, which can streamline bookkeeping and bill pay overall.

What's a fun fact, or something people may not know about you, that you'd like to share?

Three years ago, I began filming my nephew’s basketball games as a hobby, just using my phone. Since then, I bought a camera, and in my spare time I’m a photographer and videographer, focusing on youth sports.

Simplify your practice with a seamless platform.

With folks like Eric in our lineup, the Corpay One team is ready to help your accounting practice eliminate manual data entry, integrate two-way sync and create no-code automation to simplify your bookkeeping. See what it’s all about, and book an accounting demo of Corpay One today!

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