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February 20, 2023

Employee Spotlight: LaDaysha Washington

Jessica Brooks

Meet LaDaysha Washington - a Corpay One Account Specialist. LaDaysha joined our team in August 2021, and the rest is history. 🎉 Check out our interview to get to know LaDaysha, and see behind the scenes of how her work supports Corpay One customers!

How did you find Corpay One, and what brought you to the team?

Before Corpay One I was actually in the medical field, studying to be a pharmacist and working as a pharmacy technician. The retail pharmacy environment didn’t have a lot of flexibility - so I was looking for a company where I could just be myself and work to advocate for customers.

I also wanted to work somewhere that I could have room to grow in my career, and have different options to develop new work experiences. Corpay One does that! I’ve been able to experience customer service, management, and other really interesting stuff - like working in the product's back end.

Tell us a little more about your role - what do you do each day?

I tell everybody about my job because I love it so much! It really is customer advocacy - helping customers, like bookkeepers or accountants, manage their expenses with the product, and making sure we can help them solve problems with their processes. Sometimes we help them upload bills for their clients, or troubleshoot things like processing payments or implementing a credit card.

And, when customers run into a problem, instead of saying “Well, that’s just how the system works,” I can say “Let’s take a closer look at this,” and work through it with the customer to find a solution.

What does being customer-centric mean to you?

Putting the customer first each day. One way I like to do that is by making videos for specific support tickets. If a customer communicates better over video than over text, I can record a video that recreates their issue and then record a video that shows how to fix it, instead of only telling them how to fix it.

For example, if a customer is trying to upload a bill and having issues analyzing it, I can walk them through it step by step over video or a Zoom call and explain things in a way that improves the customer’s experience.

What do you think customers value about Corpay One?

Human interaction - the first thing you hear in a lot of support situations is “I would like to speak with a human.” A message that says “Hi, I’m human, I’m hearing you, and I understand what you’re asking” helps us really connect with a customer on a human level.

We’ve also been able to use customer feedback to make changes to the product, incorporating their feedback in our product roadmap, which helps them use our systems better. I think working on those issues efficiently is something that helps us better serve our customers.

What do you like about working at Corpay One?

I love that I get to solve problems each day - creatively solving problems for customers is energizing and not every day is the same. We may have the same goal every day - to help people with the product - but each day is different. Like, if I have 30 messages in my inbox, that’s 30 chances to help customers and make someone’s day that much better.

Tell us a fun fact you’d like to share!

I have two shih tzus - Blade and Scooby! Blade likes to be rocked to sleep while Scooby is the protector of our pack. They’re from the same litter and they’re my babies.

Blade (left) and Scooby (right)

Building Great Customer Experiences Each Day

It’s easy to see that LaDaysha is an integral part of our team - between her people skills, customer-first attitude and contagious positivity, we’re lucky to work with her each day!

At Corpay One, we’re proud of our product and the people behind it. Thanks to team members like LaDaysha, we’re able to offer an all-in-one spend management solution with best-in-class customer support and onboarding.

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