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December 12, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Josh Miller

Jessica Brooks

Say hello to Josh Miller, a Product Manager for the Corpay One team. Josh came to us from a FinTech payments background. As our resident plant dad and #TaxTwitter aficionado, he uses his industry knowledge and attention to detail to build our product and empower customers each day. We sat down with Josh to talk about his role and experience on our product team.

Tell us about yourself: how did you make your way to Corpay One?

I started with Corpay One in 2021, and I’ve been in FinTech for three years. I got into the industry starting in customer service, then worked my way up into a Tier 2 support tech role…and eventually started an internal internship to explore product management further. Then I was referred to Corpay One. I’ve been here ever since and I really enjoy it.

What do you like about your role as Product Manager?

Building solutions is super fun. I actually get to talk to customers, hear their feedback and build the things they need to improve their lives—it’s enriching. It’s really rewarding to put something out and see users adopt it and really like it. Even the process of gathering feedback; if there’s something users don’t like, I can workshop with them and come up with the right solution for them. Coming from a customer service background, I was collecting complaints and hearing issues. Now, in a product role, I actually get to solve those issues.

What does being customer-centric mean to you?

Listening to customers is the most important thing when it comes to product management. There are some services that may assume they know what’s best for their users and can launch into business-motivated changes without considering their users’ experience. Listening to user feedback early on means that doesn’t become a problem.

At Corpay One, we engage with customers and build relationships with them. I’m super active on #TaxTwitter. The community that’s there is awesome, and I’ve gotten to work with some of them directly as they’ve used the products that I’ve worked on. It’s awesome to build that relationship with them, which also makes it easier to get product feedback or hear their needs.

What do you think people look for when using platforms like Corpay One?

A lot of people look at our processes - especially business owners. Their time is valuable, and they can spend a lot of time manually doing bookkeeping, or managing bills or vendors. Looking to a tech solution like Corpay One means they’re able to manage things more efficiently. So, we can empower and enable those customers to handle things in a quicker and more timely fashion.

How can businesses like Corpay One help change the future of digital transformation for businesses?

I think they can be a good bridge for businesses that are maybe a little more tech-resistant. Offering things like check payments or even basic ACH payments is a kind of gateway into the more tech-oriented world for businesses. For example, maybe you or your vendors are more comfortable receiving checks — you can still do those with a platform like Corpay One. But, it starts to introduce you to a space where you can explore and set up things like workflows or automatic approvals. It’s a chance to make life easier, while still providing a level of comfort and flexibility to handle checks and paper payments.

How is our product roadmap defined by our customers?

Customers have a very large impact on our roadmap. We have a dedicated Slack channel for customer insights, where we collect constant feedback from both our customer support and sales teams. We monitor for suggestions and we track the number of requests for features, eventually slotting some of those requests into the roadmap. We also get positive product feedback there — for example, many customers mention that our UI is easy to understand and flows well.

Tell us a fun fact.

I have a lot of house plants! My collection has upwards of 50 plants in all kinds of varieties. Collecting plants and tending to them makes my space feel fresh and energized. I also love teaching people about them.

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