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The smart card that does more

Earn up to a 1.5% rebate on your Corpay Mastercard® by paying business bills in Corpay One.¹ Plus, extend your cash flow and simplify your bookkeeping with our subscription-free bill pay platform.

Build credit to grow your business

Don't let limited cash on hand stunt your business growth. Corpay One makes it easier for businesses to access a line of credit.² Plus, get up to 51 days to pay back your purchases.³


Spend more, earn more

Earn a 1.5% rebate when you pay your business bills through Corpay One and a 1% rebate on eligible purchases.² That's money you can invest back into your business.

Flexible payment options

Pay even more business bills by card

Instead of paying for things like rent, inventory and freelancers from your bank account, you can extend your float and pay for them with the Corpay Mastercard® - right in Corpay One. The best part? No annual fee.⁴


Unlimited cards for your employees

Empower your team without the worry. Send a Corpay Mastercard® to every member of your team (for free!) and set custom spend controls for each card. Limit spend amount by card or get even more control and restrict purchases to specific categories like travel or fuel - instantly, right in Corpay One. It’s that easy!


Pay with peace of mind

Corpay One is built with fraud and money laundering detection to keep your information (and our network) secure. We're encrypted with the highest security standards and enforce identity verification - so you never have to worry if your account is safe.

“I like the integrated format of Corpay One and the Corpay Mastercard®. It allows me to pay bills using my credit line, which is really convenient.”
Derek R. Reese, CEO & Founder
Derek R. Reese Agency, LLC, 2022

When your card does more, your business does more.

The best part? No monthly subscription fees.