AP Automation Built for QuickBooks Online

Get better business bill pay with real time, two-way syncing between Corpay One, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

Sync your bill pay in real time to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

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For SMBs

Better business bill pay for SMBs

Corpay One works with QuickBooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop to streamline your business bill pay - with real time, two-way sync. The best part? Check and ACH payments are free.
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Payments Made Easy

Pay your vendors by their due date - at no additional cost. Schedule future payments and set recurring bills to autopay in just a few clicks.

Two-Way Sync

Help your business stay compliant with real time, two-way syncing between Corpay One and QuickBooks.

Simplified Bookkeeping

Expense categorization for every transaction is automated when your payment data is synced from Corpay One to QuickBooks. Get cleaner books in real time - no manual entry necessary.

For Accountants

Automated AP for accountants

Corpay One integrates with both QBO and QBD - with real time, two-way sync. Scale your firm and satisfy your clients through automated AP. The best part? No monthly fees. Plus, Check and ACH payments are free.
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99% Accuracy Rate¹

Corpay One's OCR technology scans bills, invoices and receipts with 99% accuracy.¹ Eliminate manual data entry and get cleaner books for your clients in just a few clicks.

Two-Way Sync

Keep your clients compliant with two-way syncing between Corpay One and QuickBooks. Push data like bills, vendors, departments (and more!) into the general ledger - in real time.

Advanced Approval Flows

Corpay One's advanced approval flows reduce the manual work you do for your clients, without sacrificing accuracy or quality. Create a custom client experience with standalone approval rules at the vendor and payment level.

"Syncing with multiple instances of QuickBooks Online is a huge plus for our companies which have different books - all with a single sign in, which makes it very convenient to switch among them."
Andy S., CFO
G2, 2020

Why Corpay One?

Corpay One works with QuickBooks Online, automating accounts payable and paying your vendors for you.

Sync with Quickbooks Online in one System

Real-time sync means all of your payment data is entered into Quickbooks automatically. No data entry required.

Customize how
you pay

Bank-backed to handle payments securely for you, we can pay your vendors by ACH, Check, Virtual Card and International Wire.

Simplify your bookkeeping flow

Our two-way sync with Quickbooks Online means you can import your accounting data and automate bookkeeping data sync for every expense.

Safe, secure and error-free

Human error, fraud and poor organization slows you down. Avoid duplicate payments, late payments, vendor and internal fraud.

Small Businesses

Power your business with Corpay One. Get better business bill pay so you can focus on the work that matters most.

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Modern firms run on Corpay One. Support your clients and strengthen your practice with automated accounts payable.

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