Better business bill pay is here.

Effortless business payments, bookkeeping and more.
Better business bill pay is here.Hero image

Why Corpay One?

Corpay One works with your accounting system, automating accounts payable and paying your vendors for you.


Send bills and receipts directly to Corpay One and automate data entry entirely.


Automate everything from approvals to accounting with Corpay One's one-of-a-kind Workflow builder.


Corpay One pays vendors for you - hands-free. Choose from: Check, ACH, Virtual Card or International Wire.


Sync everything to your accounting system, like QuickBooks Online or Xero, in real time.

"To say it has significantly lowered time paying bills would be an understatement."
Andrew Lolk,
Trustpilot, 2020

Pick your payment method

You can streamline paying vendor bills by: check, ACH, international wire or virtual card using Corpay One's secure payments system.

Payment methods
Automate spending rules, expense-management
Spend Controls

Automate spending rules

Corpay One's Workflows function enables you to customize how you pay. Need to disable automatic payments, send to multiple approvers or define accounting rules? We help you automate.


Integrate your tech stack

With Corpay One, simplify the accounting and bookkeeping process, recording payments and payment details to your accounting system in real-time. You can even configure approvals from Slack.

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Corpay One is part of FLEETCOR (NYSE: FLT), an S&P 500 company.
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Better business bill pay is here.

The best part? No monthly subscription fees.