Better business bill pay is here

There's a better online bill pay service for your business. Try Corpay One - no subscription fee required.
Better business bill pay is here

Your online bill pay solution.

Business software for small businesses - built to help you pay bills smarter.

Automate bill pay

Automated accounts payable helps you reduce the time you spend paying bills by up to 70%*. 

Customize how
you pay

Send Check or ACH payments for free with your bank account - or keep cash on hand and use your credit card (2.9% fee) as the payment source. 

Online bill pay services

Once you approve bills, Corpay One issues payments to your vendors on time - so you don't have to.

Safe and secure

Help your team avoid duplicate payments, late payments and fraud with an automated way to pay bills.

"Corpay One drives efficiency. I have reduced handling time and the organization has one point of entry for all invoices."
Max D, Chief Financial Officer
G2, 2021
Credit Card

Pay even more business bills by card.

Pay almost any business bill by credit card in Corpay One - even if your vendors don't accept them. Instead of sending payments from your bank account, you can fund any Check or ACH payments from your credit card* and take advantage of your credit card rewards program in the process.
*2.9% transaction fee applies (in italics) 


Automate payment rules

Corpay One's Workflows function enables you to customize how you pay. Need to disable automatic payments, send to multiple approvers or define accounting rules? We help you automate.

Automate spending rules

Integrate your tech stack

Corpay One simplifies the accounting and bookkeeping process by syncing payment details to your accounting system in real-time. We integrate with: QuickBooks Online, Xero, and more, via Zapier!

Payments Protected

When you make payments in Corpay One, your information is protected - every step of the way. 

Bank-level security

Banking details added to Corpay One are encrypted and connected securely via our authentication partner, Plaid - so only you have access to your credentials

Built-in prevention

With features like money laundering and fraud detection, duplicate bill detection and an audit trail on every bill and vendor profile, Corpay One is designed to keep you and your business safe.

Military-grade encryption

The highest standard of encryption for Corpay One and our website - AES-256 and SSL - means you never have to worry if your account is secure.

Corpay One is part of FLEETCOR (NYSE: FLT), an S&P 500 company.
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Stop wasting time on slow bill pay

The best part? No monthly subscription fees.

* B2B: How the next payment frontier will unleash small business. Goldman Sachs Equity Research, September 16, 2018.