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The new standard in accounts payable.

Corpay One takes you from cutting checks, to building a scalable, seamless AP system - entirely digital and entirely automated.
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The new standard in accounts payable.

Why Corpay One?

Corpay One works with your accounting system, automating accounts payable and paying your vendors for you.
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Automate and optimize

Corpay One reduces the amount of time you spend scanning, approving, documenting and paying expenses by up to 80%.

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Customize how
you pay

Corpay One is bank-backed to handle payments securely for you. We can pay your vendors by ACH, check, virtual card or international wire.

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See your company spend

Get the ultimate overview into your business payments. See every outgoing payment in one place.

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Safe, secure and error-free

Human error, fraud and poor organization slow you down. Avoid duplicate payments, late payments, vendor and internal fraud.

Zero-fee bill pay,pay free
Virtual Card

Zero-fee bill pay

Corpay One's virtual card program pays your vendors instantly - at no additional cost to you. Strengthen vendor relationships by offering them a faster payment option and create a smooth AP process.


Pick your payment method

You can automatically pay vendor bills by: check, ACH, international wire or virtual card using Corpay One's secure payments system.

Payment methods
Automate spending rules
Spend Controls

Automate spending rules

Corpay One's Workflows function enables you to customize how you pay. Need to disable automatic payments, send to multiple approvers or define accounting rules? We help you automate.


Integrate your tech stack

With Corpay One, automate the accounting and bookkeeping process entirely, recording payments and payment details to your accounting system in real-time. You can even configure approvals from Slack.

Integrate your tech stack

Stop wasting time on slow payments.

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